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  • Car Lockout - Starting at 250 NIS
  • Vehicle Key Making - Starting at 400 NIS
  • Ignition Replacement - Starting at 350 NIS
  • Car Key Extraction - Starting at 250 NIS
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  • House Lockout - Starting at 250 NIS
  • Lock Rekey - Starting at 100 NIS
  • Lock Change - Starting at 199 NIS
  • New Lock Installation - Starting at 199 NIS
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In what situation we need a locksmith?

Visiting Israel? Living in Israel but not fluent with Hebrew? Hiring professional services sometimes might be a bit tricky for foreigners. Not all service providers speak English and you might have difficulties communication them your technical problems or requests.

Whether it’s a professional locksmith or other service, communication is very important - WE SPEAK ENGLISH!

Yosi, a certified locksmith, can assist you with professional locksmith services in Israel.

24 hour locksmith

Life can be full of surprises, unfortunately not always surprises come in a nice box with a ribbon on it. You might find yourself in some uncomfortable situations as loosing your car keys during the weekend or unable to open your apartment door when you come home late at night.

Those situations can be a true hassle and they require immediate solution. But as you know in Israel most of the people do not work during the shabbat. But no worries, we always got your back covered.

Yosi the locksmith offers you the best service 24/7. If there is an emergency, no matter the hour, a professional locksmith is on the way to you - just dial 050-575-7888.

If you found yourself stacked outside of your house, or lost your car keys late at night, call us. We will do all the efforts to give you immediate response any day, any time.

All locksmith services in one place

Locksmith services in Israel are much more than key duplicate service. You might need car locksmith, or locksmith for your home or business. With us you will find all the professional locksmith services in one place:

- Key Duplicate service / Car key replacement. Lost keys or stolen keys.

- Broken Car Key Extraction

- Emergency Car Lockout Service

- Ignition Repair.

- Autokey programing

- Replacing locks

- Smart lock installation.

- Rekeying door locks.

- Damaged door loc repair.

- Peephole installation.

- Panic bars installation and repairs,

- Door closed adjustments and replacement

- Mailbox repairs.

- Internal/external door repair.

- Installation of kids safety systems for doors.

- Anti burglary installations.

- Repair damaged security safes

- Fob Programming

- and many more.

You can trust us with all services - residential, automative or commercial locksmith.

How to find the right locksmith?

We already know you need English speaker locksmith, without that you will not be able to communicate clearly with the locksmith. But English is not enough to guarantee the quality of the service.

Here are the other must’s when hiring a locksmith in Israel:

Certified Locksmith - to assure you will get professional services hire only a certified locksmith. The locksmith must have a certificate for his studies and he might have some other professional certificates of professional training by lock and security systems manufactures as RAV BARIACH or others.

Certificate of integrity - Some locksmiths might claim they carry a certificate issued by the Israeli police. This is not quite accurate; they Israeli police do not certify or license locksmiths. The police issues certificate of integrity, which can promise you your locksmith doesn’t have a criminal background.

Hire Local locksmith - We all know Israel is a small place, but even though you should hire a local locksmith who gives service in your area. This will promise immediate response and reduce the cost.

Liability and insurance - in some situations some damage might occur as the locksmith works to fix your car or something in your house. we all know how it turns out with cheap amateurs. What comes cheap eventually turned out as the most expensive. Make sure you work with a locksmith who gives you liability for his work and he is insured.

Experience - as they say ‘practice makes perfect’. 5+ years in the business will promise you the locksmith you hire gained enough experience. The experience will guarantee you professional and quality work.

24hrs service - as in other places, working hours are usually 9am-5pm. Friday in Israel is a shorter day and people usually stop working around 13pm-15pm and resume their work on Sunday morning. On the other hand, lock problems, stacked doors or other problems can occur any day of the week and any hour. So if service is needed outside of the working hours you need to verify the locksmith can give you 24/7 service. As well be aware that an extra fee is requested for emergency services.

Choosing the right locksmith will grantee professional results. Locksmithing in Israel is not supervised by the government as other fields. Therefore any general maintenance worker might offer locksmith service even though he is not professionally trained and qualified for that. To avoid amateur work please make sure the locksmith is certified.

How to find a locksmith?

Google can be a good resource for finding a locksmith in Israel, just google ‘English speaking locksmith’ and you will find some. If the locksmith speaks in English or other forgiven languages it should be reflected on his website.

However, remember google rank doesn’t guarantee the quality of the locksmith, its more about the quality of his website… so don’t forget to verify he is certified and experienced locksmith.

You can also ask people to assist you and recommend you about a reliable locksmith. Israelis are very friendly and knocking on your neighbor’s door to ask some help is not considered rude. If your neighbors know a good locksmith they will be happy to give you his contact number and even assisting with translation, but preferably look for English speaking locksmith.

Moving to a new house

Most people seek a locksmith only when they encounter a problem that need to be resolved. If you just moved into a new house in Israel it’s highly recommend to schedule a locksmith visit for rekeying your locks. Even if it’s not a rental, during the construction many people held their key and it might get to the wrong hands. So to stay on the safe side ask a locksmith to rekey the locks. It’s fast, it’s cheap and it will help you protect your family and property.

We also recommend you to install anti burglary equipment. Israel is a safe place but basic security measures are always required. We can assist you with installation of professional durable locks and cylinders, designed especially for burglary prevention and durability.

Yosi locks - your locksmith in israel

Sooner or later you will need a locksmith service. In some occasion you will need installations or repairs and in other emergency locksmith services. Here you’ll find all the professional service for your house, car or business.

All services are given with the highest professional standards, affordable prices and liability.

Automotive Locksmith Services - Our professional automative locksmith services including repairing locks, unlocking your vehicle, ignition repair and replacement. We service all car manufactures and all models.

Residential Locksmith Services - Yosi the locksmith will assist you with all residential locksmith services in your house. Our services including repairs and installations for security, comfort and safety.

Commercial Locksmith Services - Own a business in Israel? We can offer you a variety of locksmith services for your business matching the local regulations and standards.