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  • Car Lockout - Starting at 250 NIS
  • Vehicle Key Making - Starting at 400 NIS
  • Ignition Replacement - Starting at 350 NIS
  • Car Key Extraction - Starting at 250 NIS
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  • House Lockout - Starting at 250 NIS
  • Lock Rekey - Starting at 100 NIS
  • Lock Change - Starting at 199 NIS
  • New Lock Installation - Starting at 199 NIS
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When will we need a locksmith in Ibn Gvirol?

A locksmith is a very important professional and there are several different scenarios when you need his services in a hurry:

The key loss scenario - returning from a holiday dinner with your aunt or grandmother and you are dying to get home and rest a bit. But once you got home you found out that the keys just fell off from the keychain and you do not have any way to get in. Any locksmith in Ibn Gvirol Tel Aviv can tell you that key loss scenarios are very common.

Depreciation scenario - Locks may suffer from technical faults caused by natural wear. Many people have a tendency to neglect the locks ... They go home and see that the key does not open the door easily; You have to strain and play back and forth until the door opens. There's something wrong with your lock and at any moment it might get stuck without being able to open it. Do not wait for this moment, they have ordered a locksmith in Ibn Gvirol immediately upon discovering the problem.

The rented apartment scenario - a problem that worries many living in rented apartments is the concern that there may be previous tenants holding the apartment keys. You do not know the previous barns and this creates a feeling of discomfort. In such cases, call a locksmith in Ibn Gvirol that live in tel aviv area to replace for you a new locks. When you change the cylinder, the old keys can no longer be used.

The door slamming scenario - Many doors can not be opened from the outside when they slam. Even though they are unlocked you unable to open them from outside. A locksmith at Ibn Gvirol encountered many cases in which people left for a moment and the door slammed shut.

Auto Lock Scenario With Keys Inside - Despite all kinds of protection mechanisms, there are still cases where people lock their car with keys inside. If not, then there are other faults in the locking mechanisms, problems that leave you unable to enter the vehicle. A locksmith at Ibn Gvirol knows how to solve every problem with keys and locks.

Where are the keys to the safe? - Safes are also a reason to call the a Locksmith in Ibn Gvirol. Lost keys, forgotten codes, and other problems can leave you with a safe and valuables inside, but you can not open it. A professional locksmith knows how to solve these problems.

Yosi locks gives you a professional and dedicated service from the heart. At any problem, at home, in the office or in the car, Yosi always has a solution.
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