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  • Car Lockout - Starting at 250 NIS
  • Vehicle Key Making - Starting at 400 NIS
  • Ignition Replacement - Starting at 350 NIS
  • Car Key Extraction - Starting at 250 NIS
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  • House Lockout - Starting at 250 NIS
  • Lock Rekey - Starting at 100 NIS
  • Lock Change - Starting at 199 NIS
  • New Lock Installation - Starting at 199 NIS
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Locksmith In Petah Tikva

According to our experience, everyone needs a locksmith someday. In many cases, people search for a locksmith in Petah Tikva to get a lock or cylinder replacement service. But under what circumstances did people need this service?

Sometimes something goes wrong with the lock mechanism of the door; You can lock and open the door but something is not working properly. Every time you put the key inside the lock you need to play with it a few turns until the door opens. And so you continue to live life and think that everything is fine. But you do not have to be an expert locksmith to realize that something is wrong. Apparently your lock is damaged and at any given moment the lock may be overwhelmed and stop working. Do not wait for this day when you return home and you can not enter your house when you have plans for the rest of the day and now you are stuck. When the lock is doing problem you will not control the situation. On the other hand, when you identify a problem you can order the services of a locksmith in petah tikva at a convenient time and without having to pay a high price of service call in the middle of the night. The locksmith will come and give you a solution to the problem.

When you enter a rented apartment the landlord gives you a key. This is the same key that he gave to the tenants who were before you and many others who were before them. Do you know them? Probably not. Some people may have kept a copy of the key and they may use the keys to enter your house and steal things. Do not take any risk when you enter a rented apartment and call a locksmith in petah tikva and ask for a lock or a replacement of a cylinder. This is a small expense and a great contribution to your personal security.

Sometimes we lose the keys and the truth is that every locksmith in petah tikva can tell you that it happens much more than you think. Most people will have a spare key in case something like this happens and then they can bring a key from their spouse, neighbors or family who have the keys in their hands but that still does not solve the problem. You may have lost the keys in the church to the building and thieves will be very easy to find your apartment and enter your house at the right moment. If you lost keys, call to locksmith in petah tikva immediately and order a locks replacement.