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  • Car Lockout - Starting at 250 NIS
  • Vehicle Key Making - Starting at 400 NIS
  • Ignition Replacement - Starting at 350 NIS
  • Car Key Extraction - Starting at 250 NIS
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  • House Lockout - Starting at 250 NIS
  • Lock Rekey - Starting at 100 NIS
  • Lock Change - Starting at 199 NIS
  • New Lock Installation - Starting at 199 NIS
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So you've reached the parking lot and you're about to get into the car and you not find the key. You check the bag and all the pockets and do not find it. You just got out of the cinema and you go back inside to ask if anyone found keys ... but nothing. You have no way of coming home and you are in serious trouble. The spare key has long since been lost ... This is the moment when you need a locksmith in Ramat Hasharon; Not just a locksmith but a car burglar in Ramat Hasharon. It's true that you can take a hammer and break the window, but that's not what you want to do. You need a locksmith in Ramat Hasharon who knows how to recover the keys, the coder and everything that is needed. That you will not have illusions, not everyone who claims he is a locksmith can be a car burglar in Ramat Hasharon who knows how to do it. Our recommendation is to be prepared for such a situation. Do not wait for this to happen to you and then look for a locksmith in Ramat Hasharon. Prepare the phone number of a reliable locksmith in advance.

And what about a Locksmith in Ramat Hasharon? Just as you can get stuck without being able to get into a vehicle it can also happen to you at home. The truth is that in many cases this happens together, when you lose the key ring you lose all that is in it, including the keys to the house. Usually the rest of the family has a key to cloning, but there are definitely cases where people who live alone lose the keys and have no ability to enter the house. A locksmith in Ramat Hasharon is the man who saves you in such situations; He comes and hack the door without any damage so you can go inside. But it does not end there; A Locksmith in Ramat Hasharon also fixes the problem or, if necessary, replaces the locks or the whole apparatus if necessary.

When the moment comes and you need a Locksmith in Ramat Hasharon or a car burglar in Ramat Hasharon, it is important that you be ready in advance with the phone number of a reliable locksmith. You need a locksmith who gives you 24 hours a day and every day of the week. You never know when you will need his services but when that happens you will want him to arrive as soon as possible. A reliable and professional locksmith arrives quickly with all the work tools and spare parts to provide service in a place that will solve the problem or at least give you a partial answer until he can get the replacement parts (in cases where the problem occurs at unusual times).